Pizza #359 Salmone, Ciro

Posted by Sale Lilly on May 12, 2010|Comments


Salmone, basil, mozzarella, heavy cream


€ 9.00


Lungomare Caboto, 93 Gaeta


Ciro’s makes excellent pizza, but not when it comes to their salmon pizza. The salmon was packaged (there was a noticeable oily film typical to packaged salmon) and came in oily strips rather than hunks of salmon. The combination of heavy cream and oil from the salmon made a truly unpleasant pizza. It is with good reason that Scandanavians and Russians usually eat stored salmon with hard bland bread, since the bread helps mute the strong fishy taste. Fresh water-stored salmon tends to cook better in pizzas, and doesn’t clash with the creamier flavors of mozzarella or heavy cream. On more than one occasion the waiter tried to take my plate away from me since I was making such slow progress on the huge pizza. She probably thought I loved the pizza since I kept turning her away, although I had to finish the whole pizza in order for it to count towards my total. The crust at Ciro’s was good, and helped to compensate somewhat for the overall taste of the pizza. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 3 and the crust a 5

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