My Mission

I’m living in the Pizza capital of the world-Naples, Italy. If pizza was not invented in Italy, then the Neapolitans in Italy certainly believe they perfected it. While there are no shortages of Pizzerias in my new home, my goal in my two years here is to find and eat 365 old world Pizzas throughout the world, but mainly in Italy.

My Guidelines

Throughout this culinary adventure, I plan on observing a few rules when eating pizza:

-Try to eat at as many different pizzerias as possible, and if you eat at one for a second time, I must try a different pizza on the menu every time.

-When I eat at a restaurant I must eat the pizza named after the restaurant (if they have one with the same name). Otherwise I can choose at random.

-I must eat all of the pizza (unless it is the one meter long pizzas, in which case greater than 50% of the pizza counts towards the total of 365 pizzas)

My Goal

All of these rules serve one goal, finding the one, the perfect pizza. I’m searching for a ten, on a scale of ten, in my two categories of crust and toppings. Short of finding that, I want to find the best pizzeria and pizza in Italy.

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