Pizza #358 Chef, Giardino d’Averno

Posted by Sale Lilly on May 12, 2010|Comments


Prosciutto Crudo, mozzarella, heavy cream, basil


€ 5.00


Contrada La Sciana, 19/B Pozzuoli (Naples)


The Chef pizza I had at Giardino d’Averno possessed one of their better pizza crusts, not to mention the great toppings upon the pizza.The pizzaiolo wisely increased the amount of cooked basil in this tender but sometimes tastelss pizza. The prosciutto and mozzarella were all above average, although the canned mushrooms, with associated saltiness, were lacking. All in all this was a very good pizza, with a killer Neapolitan thick crust well suited to support a variety of tender tastes. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 7.5

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