Pizza #349 Brasera, la Bottega dei Sapori

Posted by Sale Lilly on May 07, 2010|Comments


friarielli, eggplant, mushrooms,prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, tomato


€ 5.00


Via San Nullo 41, Licola Giugliano (NA)


The square-baked Brasera pizza at La Bottega dei Sapori is a popular variant of the four stations pizza that features four unique toppings on a Margherita pizza base. In the square pizza version of this pizza the four individual toppings are baked inside a crust which offers the additional benefit of retaining additional moisture in the vegetables or meats of choice. Two of the four stuffed toppings in this pizza are high quality, the eggplant and the prosciutto. The pizzaiolo added grilled garlic cloves to the eggplant for an additional kick. Since the garlic cloves were well cooked they only imparted a mild garlic taste to the overall eggplant and mozzarella which tasted great. A sharper taste might have left the eggplant with an odd flavor, but this seemed to be a shrewd addition to a normal eggplant topping. The mushrooms and friarielli were less praise worthy, and were seemingly canned. An all eggplant and garlic pizza would probably have been a better selection here than the Brasera. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 5 and the crust a 4.5

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