Pizza #339 alla Lombardi, Lombardi (Luigi Lombardi)

Posted by Sale Lilly on April 23, 2010|Comments


Provolone, tomatoes, basil


€ 6.50


Via Benedetto Croce, 59 Napoli (on Spaccanapoli)


This is a pizzeria that lived up to the tourist guide hype. Lombardi’s pizza of Spacca Napoli (on Benedetto Croce) produced a simple but great provolone and tomato pizza. The alla Lombardi is basically a Margherita pizza with the mozzarella substituted for provolone.

There is an irregular shape to this crust that leaves some of the provolone cracked and crispy and other portions of the provolone in buttery pools of near liquid-like cheese.

The sliced tomatoes were ripe, sweet and were fused nicely into the pizza base. The provolone in this pizza was superior. I was impressed that a pizzeria at the heart of Naples tourist district was not merely trying to collect on its reputation but also interested in superior pizza.On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 8 and the crust a 8.5

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