Pizza #338 Lombardi, Lombardi dal 1892

Posted by Sale Lilly on April 21, 2010|Comments


Mozzarella, spinach, escarole, yellow and red peppers, chiodini mushrooms, artichokes


€ 7.50


Via Foria 12 , Napoli (just off intersection of Via Duomo and Via Foria)


This was a decent pizza at one of the two pizzerias in Naples named Lombardi. However don’t confuse this with pizzeria Lombardi on SpaccaNapoli (see pizza number 339). The other Lombardi seemed to me to be a whole level of quality above this pizzeria, Lombardi dal 1892. That said, Lombardi dal 1892 still made a decent pizza.

The pizza is divided into five sections of different vegetables: spinach, escarole, peppers, mushrooms and artichokes. Mixed with mozzarella, the different vegetables carry a creamy taste that works well with the spinach and escarole, but less so with the mushrooms and artichoke. The heavy layers of mozzarella contribute to an overall level of blandness that seems to accumulate with each bite. This pizza would have been better with a bit less mozzarella and fewer toppings (although the toppings themselves taste fresh). On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6 and the crust a 6

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