Pizza #336 Diavola, Gennaro 2

Posted by Sale Lilly on April 19, 2010|Comments


Chiodini mushrooms, salami, mozzarella, tomato sauce


€ 5.00


Via L. Silla 35, Bagnoli, Napoli


This is the sister-site of the Gennaro pizza chain (also sometimes referred to as Bagnoli Joe’s). You would think that similar management and ownership would produce a similar quality pizza, but both the crust and the toppings here seemed better than Gennaro 1’s pizza. With a pizzeria interior that is deceptively small, Gennaro 2 produces a higher end diavola pizza. If a pizzeria adds mushrooms to their diavola (classic diavola toppings are just salame, mozzarella, and basil), then usually they are the standard canned mushrooms- rarely anything good. In this case the Chiodini mushrooms are a great complement to the spicy salami and a welcome improvement on the diavola.

Adding toppings just for the sake of making a more filling pizza is a waste, but Gennaro 2 has made a worthy addition to the diavola pizza. The tender mushroom, mozzarella, and sweet tomato sauce all provided a nice counterpoint to the spicy punch of the salami. The crust was a bit subdued, and for a heavy set of toppings could have been thicker. Overall a good pizza and a distinct improvement on the pizza I had at Gennaro 1. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 7and the crust a 4

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