Pizza #326 Pesto, Acqua e Farina

Posted by Sale Lilly on April 01, 2010|Comments


Pesto, cooked prosciutto, basil, mozzarella


€ 7.00


Via Gerolomini n 5, 80078 Pozzuoli


Acqua and Farina is the most consistently high quality pizzeria in Naples. While it does not necessarily make the best single pizza that I have tried to date , I have never had a ‘miss’ when dining here. I do try repeat visits to pizzerias, either because they are famous, produce high quality pizza, or have a unique menu, but this is one pizzeria I never get tired of eating at. Long lines, difficult parking and tepid waiter service are not nearly enough to deter me from eating here. The pesto pizza I tried on this visit did nothing to dispel me of my opinion. The fresh pesto and tender cooked prosciutto were phenomenal. The crust, cooked a bit longer than normal, had a layer of charred crust flakes at the top that combined nicely with the pesto. The prosciutto was oriented so it cooked in the mozzarella, mostly at the center of the pizza, which gave the prosciutto both a creamy flavor, but also gave a pesto infused kick. Below the crispy crust, was Acqua and Farina’s normal thick crust, well suited for the heavy and oily taste pesto sauce provides. The pizzaiolo could have probably eased back on the amount of olive oil added to the pizza, but this was still an excellent meal. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 7.5 and the crust a 7

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