Pizza #325 La Bufalina, La Bufalina di Fabio

Posted by Sale Lilly on April 01, 2010|Comments


mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes, basil


€ 5.50


Via U. Masoni 31, 80100 Napoli


La Bufalina di Fabio (Fabio being the head Pizzaiolo) serves good pizza toppings, but bakes poor crust. Based on my conversation with the pizzeria matriarch that handled the cash register and served me my pizza, La Bufalina di Fabio was going to be shut down within 5 months. Or, based on a translation mistake, I was going to die in five months. I couldn’t fully understand what the subject of the sentence was, and it was either me or the pizzeria that was going to be ‘morte’. Hand gestures and pointing to myself and the pizzeria sign did nothing to clarify. Based on an overall assessment of their pizza, and my overall health, I would say Fabio is probably closing down his place. But, cryptic grandmothers should not be trifled with, so I will say that the buffalo mozzarella was excellent as expected, and that I appreciate the mix of cooked and uncooked buffalo mozzarella that allows the diner to sample some of Naples’ best cheese with the excess crust at their leisure. Should Fabio’s pizzeria pass from the names of the several thousand functioning pizzerias in central Naples, they will be missed. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6 and the crust a 3

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