Pizza #316 Fantasia del Pizzaiolo, Pizza ‘E’

Posted by Sale Lilly on March 17, 2010|Comments


shredded parmesan, tomato, arugula, mozzarella, artichoke, mushrooms, prosciutto, bresaolo


€ 5.50


Via San Nullo, 89 , 84100 Licola


Oddly shaped pizzas also carry unique tastes (not just appearances), and Pizza ‘E’s Pizza Chef’s Fantasy (Fantasia del Pizzaiolo) diamond shaped pizza is basically a decorated and tasty calzone. By far the best feature of this pizza is the bresaolo, which along with mozzarella, artichoke, and mushroom make up the pizza filling. The filling and toppings are all high quality, although the salty artichokes seem to be the filling that breaks this pizzas harmony of flavors.

The bresaolo, mushrooms, prosciutto and the mozzarella all have excellent taste and tenderness, and carry this pizza. Unlike a ricotta stuffed pizza, baking mozzarella in a covered crust does little to improve or change the flavor of the cheese. The bresaolo and prosciutto probably benefit from the covered crust taste, trapping moisture and filling freshness, and on a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 7 and the crust a 7

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