Pizza #311 Margherita, Margherita Regina

Posted by Sale Lilly on March 14, 2010|Comments


mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce


€ 9.00


Via Partenope, Napoli (across from Castel d’Ovo, the Egg Castle)


Margherita Regina is an excellent pizzeria, but expensive by Neapolitan standards. Regina sits in a series of three of Naples high quality-high price pizzerias. If Via Tribunali is the home of Neapolitan ‘good but cheap’ pizza, then Via Partenope is the home of ‘good-but-you-will-pay-for-it’ pizza. On average, pizza at the pricier locations has actually been better than Via Tribunali’s popular trifecta of Di Matteo, Sorbillos and Pizzaiolo del Presidente. The trio of pizzerias on Via Partenope (Margherita Regina, Pizzeria I Rei di Napoli, and Antonio e Antonio) do not provide better toppings, but do produce more robust crusts. Their crusts taste richer, and support the heavier-topping pizzas better than the Via Tribunali trio’s crust. While the Tribunali trio is well publicized within travel guides for its authentic feel and connection to President Clinton’s visit to Naples in the 1990s, the Partenope trio can boast not only high quality pizza but also an excellent view of Castel d’ Ovo and the bay of Naples (something the Tribunali pizzas can not claim to have).

Regina is in keeping with this trend of high quality crust, and my margherita pizza had excellent crust and the perfect amount of black char on the pizza. The mozzarella was excellent, but it appeared as if the pizzaiolo had skimped on adding a sufficient amount of mozzarella to cover the entire pizza disc. There was a measured amount of freshly prepared tomato sauce, which was slightly spicy. The spicy tomato sauce created an excellent tasted paired with Regina’s thick crust and on a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 8

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