Pizza #306 La Piazzetta, La Piazzetta

Posted by Sale Lilly on March 04, 2010|Comments


Center: tomato, mozzarella, arugula, shredded parmesan, prosciutto, Side one: friarielli and sausage Side two: ricotta and ham


€ 6.00


Via R. Annecchino 135/136 Arco Felice (NA)


This was my first time parking in Pozzuoli while eating pizza since my car was broken into during Pizza # 239. See ‘Good crust and Misfortune’ for reference. While eating an average pizza at La Piazzetta, I tried a new parking strategy: Park near the Italian couples’ make-out cars. In the privacy-deficient environment of Italian families, I am under the impression that the smothering presence of family members makes out of home privacy a necessity. For most dating Neapolitans that makes cars and scooters (weather permitting) the only realistic option for getting some separation from friends and family. That situation is unfortunate for Neapolitan couples, but convenient for hiding my car amongst all the other parked cars near Via Annecchino, and maybe deterring a car break-in. I figured the chances of my car being broken into were much lower there with potential witnesses, than parked anywhere else. Not that anyone in those parked cars would realistically be distracted from their activities, but it seemed to be a good deterrent. The strategy worked at least this time, and I finished my La Piazzetta pizza in peace.

The La Piazzetta pizza is three different pizzas in one: Al Crudo, Ricotta and Ham, and Sausage and Friarielli. The football field-shaped pizza has a fresh base and al crudo toppings. The selection for the ‘side lines’ though were not as good. The prosciutto and the cooked ham were both tender cuts of meat (as they should be). Coupled with a sausage and salty friarielli stuffing however produces a poor taste. Even though these variety pizzas can be eaten separately, the combined tastes of fresh and tender coupled with salty and chewy is unpalatable. Additionally the crust on half of the pizza was thoroughly burned. While novelty in pizza baking is refreshing, getting the basics of crust baking is just as important. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 5 and the crust a 4

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