Pizza #298 Arrotolata, Pizza ‘E’

Posted by Sale Lilly on February 04, 2010|Comments


arugula, parmesan, Bresaola Beef, tomato, mozzarella


€ 5.00


Via San Nullo, 89 , 84100 Licola (Napoli)


‘Rolled’ pizzas, or those that have several folds within the pizza crust, are an excellent way to bake a pizza and maintain topping freshness. Arrotolatas, Rotolanas, and Tronkettos are all variations of the rolled pizzas. Most pizzerias will offer at least one variation of the standard circle shaped pizza crust, and Pizza ‘e’ offers several pizzas with unique pizza crust shapes. Pizza ‘e’ has a digital picture frame on their cashier desk so you scan through the photographs of the various pizzas they offer outside of the standard ten to fifteen pizzas on the menu. This diner friendly feature is especially useful here since twelve of Pizza ‘e’s thirty pizzas come in varied shapes such as a cornucopia, a cross, and a clam shell. Since presentation is no small part of the whole pizza eating experience, I don’t think this is gimmicky at all. Not only are the pizzas novel, but on my sample size of two, I think the pizzas are also above average.

There is an excellent fusion of toppings in this rolled pizza, and the parmesan and mozzarella compliment one another nicely. The fresh arugula and sweet tomatoes were stellar. The Bresaola Beef was slightly stringy, and the crust was average. Prosciutto may have been a more typical, although better, substitute for beef in this pizza. All together the Arrotolata offers a novel pizza dish with excellent ingredients and average crust. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 7 and the crust a 5

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