Pizza #296 Delicata, Metro Pizza

Posted by Sale Lilly on January 21, 2010|Comments


Sausage, red and yellow peppers, basil, provolone, black olives, mozzarella


€ 5.00


Viale Bognar, 4 80078 Pozzuoli NA, Italy


Metro Pizza serves deli-quality meat toppings, and the delicata or the molo carne would both be good pizza choices here. The pizza crust is not bad either, and I found the delicata to be an enjoyable pizza. The pizzaiolo made the wise choice of combining several cuts of sausage with provolone cheese. The more powerful taste of provolone, compared to mozzarella, strikes me as a better compliment for the sliced smoke sausage topping. This meat and cheese combination certainly tastes better than mozzarella with sausage in my opinion. Fresh peppers and a solid crust make this an above average pizza. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 4

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