Pizza #258 Cuori Pizza, Cuori di Pizza

Posted by Sale Lilly on January 06, 2010|Comments


bacon, cherry tomatoes, uncooked arugula, provolone


€ 3.70


Via Nazionale, 433 S. Maria La Bruna in Torre del Greco


It is a shame Cuori pizza has almost no indoor seating to speak of since they produce such an excellent pizza. This is the first time I have enjoyed a combination of cooked bacon and provolone and the chef has my gratitude for making the uncommon combination. Provolone, a much stronger type of cheese than its mozzarella counterpart, was an excellent combination with this well cooked bacon. The non-greasy cuts of bacon were enhanced by the smoky flavor of the provolone. I can not imagine a way to improve upon the pizza. The sweet cherry tomatoes provided excellent balance with the heavier tastes of cheese and meat.

Cuori pizza did an equally fine job with their pizza crust, producing a crust that was somewhat thinner than a Neapolitan crust, but not as flat as a razor-thin Rome pizza. The ingredients on this pizza are not heavy, and the Cuori crust does not need to be especially thick as a result. This is a great example of a pizzeria outside of Naples that is just as competitive and tasty, without having to mimic the same techniques (insert link to Florence) and ingredient selection of a Neapolitan pizzeria. This is an excellent place to eat if you are on your way to or out of Pompeii and not attached to a tour group (Torre del Greco is only five minutes by taxi from Pompeii). On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 8.5 and the crust a 6

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