Pizza #256 La Giotta Pizza, La Giotta

Posted by Sale Lilly on December 22, 2009|Comments


Onion, mozzarella, cooked arugula, cherry tomatoes


€ 5.50


VIA CUMA, 492, 80070 Bacoli (NA)


Pizzerias in Naples occasionally have a suspicious manner about them, either because of their clientele or their seeming disinterest in serving pizza. La Giotta had both unusual patrons and store owners, as everyone from the manager to the diners looked about 18 years old. The typical Neapolitan pizzeria is usually based on the nuclear family structure; father and son the pizzaiolos, mother and daughter the waitress and cashiers. I was not entirely sure if the pizzeria was supposed to be open, since most pizzerias are closed on Monday evenings, but the large crowd of students outside the entrance said otherwise. Eventually I determined that the pizzeria was entertaining an 18th birthday party, but from the whimsical way in which the waitress decided that she indeed was serving pizza, I felt that the teenagers actually running the pizzeria were a bit surprised to have a customer at all. I wonder if the owner, whoever that may be, was aware their pizzeria was even open?

The pizza served was good, youth and inexperience notwithstanding. Cooked arugula went well with this pizza although I still think the flavor and freshness of the vegetable is best left for Al Crudo pizzas. The sliced onions were particularly strong, and combined with the sweet charcoal flavor on the bottom of the crust, made for an excellent combination of crust and toppings. The addition of mushrooms and watery tomato paste was unnecessary. Sometimes fewer toppings do ensure more flavor, and the extra toppings- particularly the flavorless mushrooms, mute the flavor of the onions and charred crust. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 4 and the crust a 7…not bad for the next generation of pizzaiolo’s.

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