Pizza #255 San Giuseppe Pizza, San Giuseppe

Posted by Sale Lilly on December 22, 2009|Comments


peas, chiodini mushrooms, mozzarella, whole tomatoes


€ 7.00


Via Ruggiero 11, 84011 Amalfi, (SA)


Almalfi is a beautiful place with many famous restaurants and even a few pizzerias….but not in November. Except for a few restaurants that cater to the locals in the touristy towns along the Sorrento Peninsula, most of the better dining establishments reduce their opening hours or close their doors entirely until mid-April. The pizza I had at San Giuseppe pizzeria was blander than old toast and the toppings did little to change that taste. The chef paid more attention to the Napoli versus Catania football game than he did my pizza. It was a burden to finish the pizza, but consistent with my rules, I finished the whole thing. From time to time I have had pizzas with peas on them, but seldom do I find them an asset to a pizza. The chiodini mushrooms were of high quality and tender, and if you find yourself craving pizza in Amalfi, you could do better by ordering a simpler pizza at San Giuseppe. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 3 and the crust a 2.5

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