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Salami and ricotta, mushrooms and prosciutto, eggplant with mozzarella and sausage


€ 5.00


Via Montenuovo Licola Patria 131/E, Pozzuoli (NA)


The ‘three headed dog’ is IL Cerbero’s signature pizza, which is really just the translation of the Greek mythological creature’s name into English. I don’t normally rate a pizza with anything but a whole number or sometimes a ‘.5’ but since this is really three pizzas in one, I took the average of the three. All in all a very good pizza. A different meat and a different cheese are on each part of the pizza. The first part, and in my opinion the least tasty part, was the ricotta cheese and salami slices. Collectively these two toppings have an odd taste, as the ricotta overpowers the salami. I give it a ‘4’. Next were the sausage slices, mozzarella and eggplant. I give that particular third a ‘6’. Finally the last part was mushroom and prosciutto along with a creamier mozzarella. This part was excellent. Even though it seemed the mushrooms were the standard canned mushrooms the prosciutto compensated, and was high quality. Easily the best prosciutto I have had yet. That part gets a ‘7’. If this pizza is any indicator I’ll try to have another pizza with just prosciutto, like the Al Crudo or the Panna, Prosciutto e Mais. So the average of the three toppings is a 5.66 on a scale of one to ten, and I give the crust a five out of ten

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