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sausage, thin sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato sauce


€ 13.00


49 Elizabeth Street London SWW 9PP


Oliveto has often been mentioned as one of the leading pizzerias in London and certainly has the Italian staff to claim authentic service. Unfortunately that does not translate into the most authentic Italian pizza, particularly in terms of pizza crust. The absence of a brick oven means that the crust is cooked longer at lower temperatures, and ultimately lacks the volume and ‘bounce’ that good dough exhibits when it is brick oven baked. The extremely large pizzas Oliveto serves help make up for the crust in some ways, especially when it is topped with large amounts of thin sliced sautéed onions. Pizzerias on Via Tribunali in Naples are known for their exceptionally large pizza crusts and Oliveto does an excellent job of serving the same style of breadth in their pizza crust. After eating one of these for lunch you would understand why Italians have afternoon naps before returning to work for a few hours. The main topping of sausage was average, sometimes stringy and greasy, with other portions well flavored and enhanced by the mozzarella. Oliveto is not bad, and there are still several other highly reviewed pizzerias outside of Italy I would like to try, but this pizzeria still does not compare to the pizzerias in Naples. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 4.5 and the crust a 3

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