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goat cheese, walnuts, cress, tomato sauce


€ 11.00


2 More London Place, The Riverside, London, SE1 2JP


Pizza in London tends to be nontraditional in many ways, notably with the unusual topping combinations. Even if the crust and toppings do not combine to out perform a Neapolitan pizza, pizzas from Strada or Fire and Stone, both in London, are almost always worth trying at least once.

Strada on ‘More London Place’ (which is an actual address, not a hopeful request) enjoys a phenomenal view of the Thames River and Tower Bridge. With the London skyline lit up at night, this is a great place to enjoy an original set of pizza toppings and a view. My goat cheese (Formaggi di Capri) and walnut pizza had great toppings and average crust. The intense taste of goat cheese on your palette is mellowed by the water cress and walnut. On this pizza I find the addition of water cress a successful substitution for arugula. The base of mozzarella and tomato sauce is suitable, although the addition of sweet cherry tomatoes would have combined for a better taste with the goat cheese. The thin crust is nothing special, and I get the impression that the toppings, while all good, probably would have been better directed towards a salad than towards a pizza. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 4.0

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