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Sausage, onions, chiodini mushrooms, tomato paste, mozzarella


€ 5.00


Via E. Chiunzi, Corbara (Salerno)


Al Boschetto Pizzeria has an incredible view of Mount Vesuvius and the surrounding towns that are built along its slopes-that is if you can first successfully navigate your way to the elevated town of Corbara. Tight seventy degree turns of the road and spontaneously appearing herds of goat mark the path up the SP1 road to the Sorrento Peninsula. At night the herds of goat are no longer present, but this hazard is replaced by something much more dangerous: Italians driving with their high beam headlights on. It may be best to visit most of the towns on the Sorrento Peninsula in a tour bus, where you will be aided by an Italian coach driver who is already a veteran of the mutually assured destruction driving philosophy that pervades in southern Italy.

After arriving at Boschetto, you can snack on fried balls of dough mixed with zucchini while you wait for your pizza. I ordered the Contadina pizza, which had good toppings and below average crust. The cuts of sausage were lean and slightly spicy. The chiodini mushrooms were excellent, but the base was lacking and overused a thick tomato paste that was short on taste and flavor. The crust was thinner than a standard Neapolitan crust, and lacked enough gluten to taste like a genuine chewy crust. The crust was more like crispy bread, with too little flavor. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 4

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