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Mushrooms, prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella


€ 6.00


Via Marc’Antonio, 31, Fuorigrotta (Napoli)


By referral of a local Neapolitan friend (who are always the best source of information on pizzerias), I found one of the best pizzas I have tried to date. For avid pizza eaters, you can usually judge a good pizzeria by the persistence of the taste in your imagination, several days after you have tried it. The Panna alla Rossa at Pizzeria Di Napoli is one such pizza, which I am still hungry for several days after I ate the pizza. DiNapoli is a relatively modern and neat pizzeria compared to many of its downtown pizzeria competitors. The pizzeria is not so sterilized as to entirely remove you from the 19th century Neapolitan ambience that modern pizza came from, with fare amounts of wood and stone interior features. I have become accustomed to assuming that the less modern a pizzeria is the better pizza it will serve, but DiNapoli breaks with that trend, and served an excellent pizza. What I find remarkable is that so many of these good pizzerias go unmentioned by Naples tour books…while several average pizzerias (but well known) do get mentioned.

The Panna all Rossa pizza is one of the best pizzas I have ever had. The prosciutto and mozzarella, which are the highlight of this pizza, are so delicious, my mouth was overwhelmed by the taste as much as the heat coming off the pizza. The near liquid mozzarella, blends seamlessly with the tomatoes and fresh mushrooms. The pizza is deceptive in appearances, it has a notably smaller diameter than most other Neapolitan pizzas I have eaten, and looks no different than countless of other prosciutto pizzas. In fact it is one of the smallest pizzas I have seen in Naples. However the pizzaiolo makes up for the size by adding thickness to the crust, and a dense set of toppings that complement one another. The prosciutto, and moreover the pizza itself, are truly memorable. An excellent pizza! On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 7.5 and the crust a 7

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