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Figs, pineapples, polish boiled pork (wieprzowa), mozzarella, tomato sauce


€ 2.90


Al. Piwsudskiego 50 , 81-382 Gdynia


The Polish port city of Gdynia has no shortage of pizzerias, several displaying Polish culinary variations on the world famous dish of pizza. The Poles certainly have their own ethnic specialty dishes, with pierogis, kielbasa, and borscht at the top of the list, but I was curious if I could find Italian made pizza with Polish themes. Pizzeria Anker did not disappoint me, although this pizza lacked the high quality dough and baking method common to pizzerias in Naples. Pizzerias in Poland, like many in Eastern Europe, tend to serve their pizzas with additional sides of sauce to include tomato sauce and a sour cream- mayonnaise blend. These sides might strike a pizza chef as offensive, because it implies the pizza itself lacked the appropriate taste or flavor, anathema to a southern Italian. The pizzas I have tried in Poland also seem to have a sweeter taste than Italian pizzas, as my pizza at Anker did.

Anker pizza is the Polish version of what is sometimes called a ‘Hawaiian Pizza’ with pork and sweet fruit as the main toppings. The meat topping, Wieprzowa, is pork boiled until it is tender. Wieprzowa, cooked a second time on the pizza itself, almost tastes like a pulverized beef or turkey patty, and tastes very light for a meat. The addition of figs and pineapples on the Wieprzowa combine to form a sweet taste, as you might imagine. The mozzarella is bland, and you mostly taste the two fruits on a soft, almost crumbly crust. I like the combination of these toppings along with the soft meat. The crust, probably baked in an electric-gas oven, does not contribute to the overall taste. It would be great to see these toppings on a thick Neapolitan crust instead. The pizza itself does not feel heavy in your stomach, and with a bit of powdered sugar could even be a really good dessert pizza. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 5 and the crust a 2

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