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salami, peppers, tomato, ricotta, mozzarella, picante , basil


€ 6.00


Via Medina, 32, 80133 Napoli, Naples


Trattoria Pizzeria Medina sits adjacent to the Neapolitan landmark Castel Nuovo and the water taxi terminal. Normally one would assume that in such a touristy location that both the price and the pizza quality would suffer, but neither is the case with this pizzeria. The pizza here is excellent, and well priced. I had the spicy Cafona which has more in common with Mexican food seasoning than with traditional Neapolitan pizza toppings. This pizza is a great balance of spicy meats, peppers, and mild cheeses. For example there is spicy salami ground with picante on the top of the pizza, which is then balanced by globs of ricotta and mild mozzarella layered just below the meat. Do not confuse this restaurant with another similarly named pizzeria on 19 Medina, instead of 32 Medina. While I can’t speak about the pizza at the second similarly-named location, the popularity of this pizzeria with the students in Naples should give you an idea to which pizzeria is better (and cheaper!). This pizzeria is easy to find as well! That is no small feat in the byzantine street structure of Naples, a city that has been conquered, ruined and rebuilt so many times throughout history. For those concerned with the legendary pick-pocket stories surrounding Naples, this location should be easy to get to from the bus stop, and back again to safety without having to navigate a single alley. I recommend it. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 6.5

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