The Pizza-Only Diet?

Pizzas in Naples are much healthier than their North American Counterparts. Tomato sauce has little extra added sugar, mozzarella is less likely to be processed, and there are far more vegetables to be found on Neapolitan pizzas.

But, even with all those healthy aspects of Italian Pizzas, eating 365 pizzas still results in quite a few calories and carbs consumed.See the latest news clip from AFN on eating pizza and losing weight at:

Eat and Run

For pizza eating I try to adhere to the following routine. It is important to run a set distance before you eat pizza since burning calories, and raising your metabolism helps to make you both hungrier for the pizza, and digest it faster. It also has the added benefit of making the pizza taste better. If ‘hunger makes a good chef’ then running makes for good hunger.

Normal Dinner Plate-Sized Pizza:  Run 3 Miles (or about 5 kilometers)

Pizza Al-Metro, One-Meter Pizza:  Run 6 Miles (or about 10 kilometers)

Nutella Chocolate Pizza:          Run 7 Miles (or about 11 kilometers)

A local news organization covered my pizza eating routine for a day, and should have the clips at the following link if you have facebook:

Face Book Pizza Video Link

A short video on eating pizza and exercising should be available shortly