The Top Vegetarian Pizzas

There is a huge selection of Vegetarian and Pescatarian pizzas in Italy. Many traditional pizzas already are veggie-friendly Of the 200 or so pizzas I have had so far, sixty of them were vegetarian. Margherita, Marinara, Parmigiana, Ortolana and Quattor Formaggi are just a few of the many meat-free pizzas typically on the menu in a pizzeria. Technically a Nutella Chocolate Pizza also counts as a vegetarian option, Nutella being derived from hazelnuts. However you may not want to regularly eat this pizza if you are looking for diverse nutrition…

So, my top five vegetarian pizzas eaten in Italy so far are:


The D.O.C. at La Tana di Paolo in Pozzuoli, Italy


The Quattro Formaggi at Mont Chateau in Pozzuoli, Italy


The Pizza Re at Pizzeria Ciro in Gaeta, Italy


The Ferrari Pizza at Ristorante Ferrari in Perugia, Italy


The Parmigiana at Acqua & Farina Pizzeria in Pozzuoli, Italy