Posted by Sale Lilly on July 30, 2009|Comments


Sausage, friarielli, mozzarella, basil


€ 6.00


V. le Umberto Maddalena, 49, Doganella (Napoli)


La Lucerna baked an awesome Sausage & Friarelli pizza. My previous pizzas at the this restaurant had all been average, which was a bit disappointing since the current pizzaiolo had various pictures of himself accompanied by super models and glamorous looking people hung on the wall near his brick oven. I knew he must have been doing something to be worthy of all that culinary attention. When baked in the right proportions, the peppery vegetable Friarielli provides all the seasoning necessary to flavor the pork it is being cooked with. This pizza came with large portions of white sausage (unseasoned), strained and baked friarielli, which were all prepared on a mozzarella base. The crust was thick enough to support the heavy toppings and well-risen on the outsides with enough wood-char essence to flavor the outer edge of crust. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 6.5

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