Posted by Sale Lilly on July 20, 2009|Comments


Nutella Pizza: Nutella Chocolate, granulized sugar


€ 5.00


Pizza and chocolate probably rank as two of the world’s greatest inventions, and it was probably inevitable that someone decided to combine them into one culinary feature. While I will admit this is not the world’s most aesthetically appealing pizza (it looks like mud on dough), it does make for a good and certainly unique dessert. I would also add that the Nutella topping on this pizza is so rich, that the pizza should be shared amongst many people. You should not eat this pizza alone, and definitely not without cold milk. I was surprised to find that the pizzeria I was at, actually had cold milk. It is not a typical pizzeria beverage at nine in the evening, but the owner improvised with milk reserved for coffee and served me a glass once he saw I intended to eat the pizza by myself. As a desert, in small amounts this pizza is excellent. The softness of the dough makes for a surprisingly reasonable way to enjoy gooey melted chocolate, almost like a chocolate pastry. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 4 and the crust a 4.5

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