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Mozzarella, Tuna, Onion


€ 6.00


Kaifas has an electronically bolted door at the front, a bit foreboding, until an elderly gentlemen buzzes you in, as if you may have business other than pizza…however all I wanted was a tuna and onion pizza, which the Pizzaiuola cooked in front of me, for an amazingly short 50 seconds. He told me the temperature of the oven was 400 centigrade, or about 750 degrees Fahrenheit. I suppose most pizzas in Italy cook that fast, I just never timed it until this pizza. The pizza was extremely oily, and anytime you order a pizza with sea food you can tell if it’s fresh or not by the amount of oil in your pizza. Italians use olive oil to tin or canned-tuna and other seafood in order to preserve it. The onion, as in most of these pizzas is very sweet, which helps offset the fishy taste, and the big doughy crust sops up some of the oil as well. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a five and the crust a five.

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