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Tomato, mozzarella, basil


€ 3.50


San Lucia’s is just outside the enormous royal palace in Caserta, Italy. The palace was once home to the King of Naples, well before Italy became a unified nation. Just walking around this park (about four miles round trip) will leave you hungry. Fortunately there are several pizzerias just outside the east gate of the park. Unfortunately, like many other pizzerias catering to tourists, the pizza in the area is sub-average. After the owner promised me his pizzeria was open and that the oven was already heated or hot, I watched the owner run to the front of his kitchen and light the wood in the brick oven on fire, with an unusual match. The owner twisted a pizza box into a single roll and then lit the white box with a pocket lighter, which he then stuck underneath several logs of wood in order to set them on fire. About 30 minutes later I had my margherita pizza, which was better than I expected for a touristy pizzeria.

I find margherita pizzas are a safe pizza to choose if you think the pizzeria you are at may mess up more complicated pizzas, or may have canned ingredients. I don’t know if the pizza toppings are from canned-ingredients at San Lucia’s, but the margherita pizza I had was fine, with decent mozzarella and sliced cherry tomatoes. Although it does not impact my rating, it is still worth noting how cheap this pizza was given the proximity to a major tourist location. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 5 and the crust a 4.5.

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