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Brie, mozzarella, bleu cheese….?


€ 7.00


Przejazd 2, Mokotów 02 Warsaw, Poland


This remains the only pizzeria in Warsaw I saw that was not an international pizza chain I already knew of (i.e. Pizza Hut, Pizza Express). My second pizza here was better, but still lacking in crust. This four-cheese pizza had an interesting twist, using brie cheese rather parmesan or ricotta. It gave an almost sweet taste to a quarter of the pizza, which isn’t necessarily better or worse than any of the Italian pizzas, but just makes for a different pizza experience. Other than Brie, Bleu and Mozarella I could not determine the fourth pizza, and felt that there was nothing really to help me in my polish phrase book either, so I’ll suppose I’ll never know. In general I would say the pizza’s in Poland make standard pub and dinner food, but the best thing about Polish pizza, is Polish beer. I gave this pizza a 4 for toppings and a 3 for crust

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