Posted by Sale Lilly on May 22, 2009|Comments


Mozzarella, Caviar, Shrimp, Boiled egg, olives, oregano, tomato sauce


€ 8.00


Polish Pizza. Not bad, but definitely not up to Italian standards in terms of crust and cooking method. This was the pizzeria closest to where I was staying in Warsaw and offered me another chance to see how pizzeria’s fared farther north of Italy. The pizza was probably cooked in a gas or electric oven instead of a wood-fired brick oven. The toppings (caviar, egg, olives, shrimp), while inventive, were all mostly canned and bland. The crust was neither doughy like a Neapolitan pizza, or crispy like a Roman pizza. Instead it was something in between, with dough that had a sweet taste to it and was otherwise bland. I gave this pizza a 3 for toppings and a 3 for crust.

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