Posted by Sale Lilly on April 10, 2009|Comments


Tuna, onion, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella


€ 7.00


via Gerolimini 5, 80078 Pozzuoli (Napoli)


I keep returning to this pizzeria because I have not once found a pizza I did not thoroughly enjoy here. This pizza was no exception, with sweet onions (which did not have a powerful smell) and thick cuts of tuna. Mozzarella and olive oil form the standard pizza base here, and cooked cherry tomatoes add an additional sweet taste to the pizza. Unlike many pizzerias which use tuna canned in olive oil, Acqua & Farina seems to be using fresh tuna that is kept moist by water. You might not expect this from a ‘Tuna and Onion’ pizza but the toppings have a sweet taste to it. Acqua & Farina’s typical high quality crust helped to make this one of the best pizzas I have had to date. As a bonus, the downtown area the pizzeria is in recently completed a new park, which means Acqua & Farina’s outdoor seating view is no longer obscured by construction. Their view of the bay at night is a nice complement to any meal. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 6.5 and the crust a 7

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