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Margherita Pizza: tomatoes, mozzarella, basil


€ 3.50


If Joseph Conrad’s novel ‘Heart of Darkness’ was written about any other place than the Congo in Colonial Africa, then it could have been set in Piazza Garibaldi in Naples. I received no less than five warnings regarding Piazza Garibaldi before coming to Naples’ main train station. Most of these warnings concerned the presence of thieves, pickpockets, muggers, police impersonators, and scam artists. The square is full of men selling electronics and watches, which are sometimes secretly substituted with an equivalently weighted rock, once you have handed over your money. So you certainly do not want to buy electronics here. However, there are quite a few restaurants and pizzerias in this square that look worth visiting-just in broad daylight. I made the least ambitious choice, and visited a pizzeria actually within the massive train station itself. I will save a trip farther out for a brighter day and a better understanding of Naples.

I ordered a margherita, and got a pizza with good crust and greasy mozzarella. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 3 and the crust a 5. Unlike later pizzas, I didn’t always get a photo of my pizza, so that explains the absence of graphics. Like most margheritas that can be described as pedestrian, the location you eat the pizza in, is probably more interesting than the pizza itself. In the case you find yourself in Piazza Garibaldi, hold on to your belongings, avoid buying a suspiciously cheap cell phone, and walk confidently to the nearest pizzeria.

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