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Melanzane: eggplant, mozzarella, tomato sauce


€ 3.00


While looking at different rental properties here in Naples (particularly the coastal town next to Naples, Pozzouli) I was able to find about 8-10 pizzerias all along prime sea front views. My real estate agent was taking me around different properties and stopped at a small pizzeria that was selling eggplant pizzas by the side of the road. She bought me a whole one, probably hoping I would not switch agents if I didn’t like the properties or the prices. Eggplant here is one of the best foods I have tried here in Italy. Much different from the way I’ve tried eggplant before (sometimes fried), this eggplant has a super-sweet taste to it, that has thickness (like a mushroom) but has enough natural sugar to taste like a fruit. This particular pizza has salty dough, and way too much grease, but from a side-street pizzeria was probably typical. And, I decided not to use this agent either, but not because of the pizza. This was one of my first pizzas, and before I decided that I wouldn’t hit up any of the street vendors, and instead go for larger, better baked pizzas inside Pizzerias. On a scale of one to ten I give the toppings a 3 and the crust a 3

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