Pizza #1 Capricciosa, Capo Landing

Posted by Sale Lilly on May 14, 2008|Comments


mozzarella, tomatoe, basil


Well, this is my first pizza in Italy (I’m writing this afterwards because it has taken me a while to type my written notes). I started out just eating at the pizzeria that was closest to my hotel, and working through their menu. I was impressed at the time by the authentic brick oven, and didn’t realize until I started eating at more pizzerias that not only was this standard pizza preparation in Italy, but anything short of a wood-fired brick oven, is unacceptable to most Italian diners. It would be like thinking microwave ribs were in any way equivalent to slow roasted, mesquite bar-b-q’ed , ribs. There is no similarity. So the electric oven, Domino’s and Pizza hut- pizza experience is over.

I was told Capricciosa means ‘the capricious’. I’m not exactly sure what that has to do with the toppings (typically ham, black olives, and a variety of other vegetables that creates a very crowded pizza) , but the pizza is good and the edge of the crust, where the dough has room to rise is also good bread in its own right. We’ll see if my standards for pizza change rapidly, but I give this pizza a 5.5 for toppings and a 4 for crust.

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